Professionality, assurance, excellence: 

Italian-style story

TM service is synonymous with extraordinary growth.

To choose TM means to:

Have a dedicated team of researchers, stylists and expert producers who deal with the complete management of semi-finished products, from cutting to quality control, right up to shipping Have the possibility to create significant quantities of semi-finished leather products and decorations of unique quality, meeting with professionals ready to respond to any request, and a guarantee of receiving an excellent quality product in compliance with the established deadlines, interfacing with a production system of avant-garde, always attentive to contemporary innovations.

Those are the reasons why TM is one of the biggest fashion partners in the world.


TM SERVICE was born over 40 years ago, in the spring of 1976.

In that year, Armando Tonti and Aida Marzoli decided to transform their passion into something more. Their work started on the hills of the Osimano, in the hearth of Marche, an Italian region that has always stood out for the presence of numerous master craftsmen operating in the fashion sector. Here takes its first steps our company, initially dealing with footwear items and then shifting its production focus to the highest quality decorations.

TM’s reliability, experience and standing began to travel around the world in 2006, the year in which Armando decided to make his son Emanuele CEO of the company. From here on, Emanuele’s intuitions began to acquire more and more relevance: customers increase, expansion of the company’s internal departments and the positioning of our technologies for the creation of sophisticated and unmistakable leather work.

TM service is now one of the most important partners of top fashion brands worldwide.

The most influential characters inhabiting the fashion universe choose TM and its team to create decorations and animations in leather with a unique character destined to be protagonists in the bags and top accessories of the most desired collections in the world, original fashion must-haves.

On October 24th, 2019, the TM Production Srl company was established, offering top quality leather workings to the largest in the world of fashion and beyond.