• applications

    Enrich and personalize leathers with metal applications to make your materials unmistakable.


    Leather are pinched by a thread drawing textures of all kinds.


    This technique uses padding materials to create distinctive effects.


    TM works leathers and fabrics, only using cutting-edge.


    Embossing is a special technique able to warm the winter fashion collections all over the world.


    The “marcapunto” is often used to complete quilting (“trapuntatura”).


    Creativity and imagination find fertile ground in patchwork processing.


    TM stylists confer specific identities to your products, carefully studying.

  • Mix processing

    Such works are composed and widely appreciated in the world of fashion.


    Drawings of all types, both on leather and fabric, are embellished.

  • pillow

    Padding and volumes enter the processes, conferring softness.


    With graphic effects and multiple colors, we print digitally and in silk screen.


    Lively and sinuous waves capable of creating 'pattern', 'degraded' or 'irregular' effects.

  • TM Charms

    The perfect miniature of our animations, our leather workings to always carry with you.

  • Sequins

    Trimmings details, sewn with extreme precision, add taste and style to each garment.

  • Punch-Needle

    The “punto spugna” or punch-needle creates buttonholes to make real sponges on fabrics.

  • Needle punching

    The needle punching technique consists in the mix of different materials.

  • Tuffetage

    The tuffetage is an embroidery technique reminiscent of flocking.

  • Glass Bead

    These glass beads are woven together, drawing great masterpieces.

  • Lochrose

    Embroidered crystals which give light and personality to every detail.

  • Thread Patch

    These geometric patterns are made with the best Made in Italy leather fabrics.


    Circular or square rings, smooth or diamond-coated, on leather or fabric.

  • Passementerie/Trimming

    TM trimmings can be customized by design, typology, decorative.

  • Lace

    The weaving of lace on motifs and designs personalize.

  • Interweaving

    Textures and crossed textures are either made with strips.